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Our Clean Room Production Facility in Chiba, Japan - Ball Pythons on the construction line having their DNA modified.

Tired of Ball Python's that only come with 4 or 5 different color traits? Looking for something original? We here at April First Bio Engineering hear you and are proud to offer our new "Het For Everything" ball python morph. Literally heterozygous for every known color morph of ball python, these normal colored animals contain highly customized DNA from our research labs in Chiba Japan. Using a patented technique our technicians have manually extracted DNA samples from each of the color morphs below to develop what can only be descriped as a super super het destined to revolutionize the ball python world.

Pricing and availability coming soon.

Disclaimer; Snakes described above may be sterile; Snakes may produce normal colored offspring; Offspring may produce normal colored offspring;Your offspring may appear different than those below; Not responsible for naming new color morphs; For information on our lizard projects, see our Really Big Lizards Division.

het for everything